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At Orbitus, we recognise that strong communication is at the heart of relationship-building, and have made creating connections with our corporate and personal clients our priority. Our client services team ensures there is always a reliable and consistent flow of communication with clients about the work taking place on their behalf.

Orbitus also provides clients with resources such as access to a secure digital dashboard which allows you 24/7 access to updates about your files, as well as consistent support and counsel from both a client-manager and a designated solicitor/tax advisor/ finance professional. Since the firm has prioritised creating interconnected support systems for our clients, we have made being an Orbitus client the most stress-free and transparent experience possible.

We are Orbitus, a serious business with room for lighter moments

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Doing our job well gives clients a competitive advantage.
In matters of professional advisory, whether Tax, Legal or Finance, we recognise that these are of personal importance to our clients, and they are, therefore, important to us. Orbitus provides a fully integrated service with the advantage of on-call tax, legal and financial advice without the compartative in-house cost. You can enjoy the peace of mind & comfort that comes with being an Orbitus client, alleviating noncore distractions for clients and allowing you to focus on your business & family.

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Our team is composed of leading legal, tax, and finance professionals, who bring a unique and complementary set of skills to help fulfil our clients’ needs. Our team’s wealth of diverse experience ensures we provide clients with the most insightful guidance and support.

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Orbitus is committed to a process of continuing education for its Graduates/Trainees. With a firm focus on identifying the best and brightest, Orbitus has developed a Graduate/ Trainee programme that provides those participating with real-time experience in matters of Law, Tax, and Finance, and offering scope to get a broad range of experience with Orbitus Group as part of their professional education.

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