Growing up, my only exposure to the legal world (outside the TV shows and movies) was a week of work experience at my uncle’s Dublin law firm during my transition year. A week’s work experience was all it took to have me hooked to start my journey into law. Now, my journey from this first week of experience to where I am now was not the fairytale I had seen on the big screen. It has taken a lot of work and sacrifice, but there is nothing I would change about where I am now and who is on this journey with me!

From my undergraduate degree at Galway University, I went on to the University of Limerick, where I studied a Masters of Law in Human Rights in Criminal Justice, something that really made me think about my future in the legal world. Getting to explore the directions I could take my degree excited me, and made me look forward to working in an office where I would no doubt face all sorts of challenges, but where I was sure to find the love in what I had spent so many years studying and working towards.

In October 2018, I took my first serious plunge into the world of work, moving my life to Cork and joining the team at Orbitus Law LLP! A fast-paced environment was something that I had hoped I would come across in my work life, however, I didn’t expect to get this from my first role. The office has certainly grown since I began working here, and in turn my love for my job and the team at Orbitus Law LLP has also grown in insurmountable amounts.

Possibly my greatest challenge this far in my life has been sitting and passing the FE1 exams. While all my friends from home and college were travelling the world or finding their dream jobs, I, despite being out of college, was still studying! While working I struggled through my exams, but I got there and that is something I am very proud of. There were many days where I thought about throwing in the towel and starting fresh, or going travelling for a few months to see if there was something else I was interested in pursuing. However, after many sleepless nights and conversations that went on for hours, I knew I was doing what I was meant to be doing and that everything would work out just as I had envisioned.

Now for the “networking” aspect. With the heavy exams of the FE1’s behind me and the experience I had gained in the office, I was ready for my next step in qualifying. Having recently received my results to say I had passed my exams first go, I am delighted to continue my journey with Orbitus Law LLP, where colleagues aren’t just colleagues they are more like family!

Everyone at Orbitus, no matter who or in relation to what, is always willing to give you a hand and answer your questions. I couldn’t be prouder to be a trainee in Orbitus Law LLP!